Massage is a wonderful way to help with relieving everyday stress, helping relaxation, aiding sleep, and promoting a sense of well-being. Take a look at the different massage techniques employed at Harmony Head to Toe.


Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is based on classical Swedish massage techniques. It is particularly beneficial for relaxation, for reducing muscle tension, promoting suppleness of the muscles, improving circulation and reducing stress and is combined with individually-blended aromatherapy oils for added therapeutic benefits.

Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage™ 

KV foot massage is an Ayurvedic massage of the feet incorporating vital energy techniques. KV foot massage is considered most helpful in the prevention and treatment of illness. Oils (usually coconut oil) or ghee is used during the massage which is a mixture of hand and bowl techniques. The bowl is made of 3 metals: copper, zinc and tin. Copper helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Zinc helps in proper functioning of the immune system and digestion. Tin is believed to be helpful for digestion, headaches and insomnia. Vigorous circular and stroking movements are made with the back of the bowl on the feet and lower legs. Using the Kansa Vatki bowl relaxes tired feet, improves joint mobility, promotes sound sleep and relieves eyestrain. It also helps in balancing the bio-energetic principles (doshas) of Ayurveda that regulates body functions. The hand techniques stimulate the blood and lymphatic flow and the treatment also rebalances the body’s energy.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda which has been practised in India for thousands of years. Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and means the ‘science of life and longevity’. In the West, the traditional technique has been adapted to include the massage of not only the scalp, but the neck, shoulders, arms, face and upper back too. This is to target the specific negative effects that stress has upon our bodies. It is performed fully-clothed on a low-back chair.

The benefits of the treatment are widespread even though it only focuses on the upper body. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, can help in alleviating symptoms of pain, tension and fatigue, aids the elimination of toxins and waste products and helps improve posture and flexibility.