Facial Rejuvenation is a natural face lift with massage. It uses a variety of massage techniques, acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, energy balancing and facial exercises. The treatment helps lift the face; smooth out fine wrinkles; helps reduce puffiness; improves skin tone; softens the skin; and relaxes the face and reduces tension. A rejuvenating blend of aromatherapy oils is used in the process and it’s a wonderfully relaxing treatment.

How does the Natural Face Lift massage work?

Skin contains a component called connective tissue. Connective tissue is partly formed of collagen and elastin fibres. Over time the fibres lock together and the skin loses much of its mobility. Facial Rejuvenation helps to restore skin suppleness by toning the collagen and elastin fibres. The treatment gently allows the connective tissue to regain its freedom and elasticity.

When our muscles remain tense over a period of time, skin can suffer by reducing the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients, and the removal of waste products from the cells is hampered. This is because muscular tension can restrict the vessels which carry blood and lymph to and from the tissues. Natural face lift massage works to tone the facial muscles and helps reduce muscular tension. This in turn improves the flow of blood and lymph.

The build up of toxins can be seen on the face. It can look saggy, puffy, dull and grey. The lymphatic system helps to remove toxins. Many lymph vessels are close to the skin surface. The sweeping and concentrated acupressure techniques in Facial Rejuvenation encourage better lymphatic drainage and as a result the skin regains a healthy appearance.

Below is before and after one session of facial rejuvenation:

Positive effects are seen from the first treatment. The pictures left show before and after a single 45 min treatment of facial rejuvenation. The effects last up to two weeks after a single treatment.

For maximum benefits, a course of six treatments is taken on a weekly basis. After which it is advisable to have monthly treatments to maintain the positive effects of the therapy.

These three clients had six Facial Rejuvenation treatments. They are not wearing make up in either the before or after picture. Treatments were conducted on a weekly basis.
Before Facial Rejuvenation
After Six Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
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Face lift massage should not be given:

  • if the client has a serious medical condition such as cancer; when a client is undergoing serious medical treatment or has an active infection
  • high temperature or fever
  • contagious skin disorders anywhere on the areas to be treated
  • eye infections
  • tooth or gum infections or toothache
  • tendency to bruise easily e.g. this may apply to people with diabetes or those taking blood thinning drugs
  • sunburnt skin
  • cold sores

This massage may provide one or more of the following benefits.  For long-term results a series of treatments is recommended. The effects are cumulative.

  • lessens wrinkes and habitual expression lines
  • releases tension in surrounding muscles
  • reduces under-eye bags and puffiness
  • tones and firms facial muscles
  • tightens facial contours
  • increases elasticity
  • improves skin tone
  • softens the skin
  • refines pores
  • enhances supply of nutrients to skin cells
  • promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation
  • frees constrictions in connective tissue and facial muscles
  • encourages connective tissue to glide more smoothly
  • increases elimination of toxins
  • balances the body's subtle energy
  • generates a glowing look for days
  • creates brighter and more alert eyes
  • encourages innate beauty, confidence and radiance
  • promotes a relaxed, more mobile and youthful appearance
  • relieves stress-related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and insomnia