Reflexology, Facial Rejuvenation and Holistic Massage:

I have been coming to see Barbara for just over a year now, and cannot sing her praises high enough, as her ‘magic fingers’ as I call them, work their magic to help my arthritis of the spine along with stress/depression.

I first came along for reflexology, which really helps me and have also had Facial Rejuvenation, and body massage, and now that Barbara is studying aromatherapy to add to her treatments and incorporates the essential oils to match the condition, this has to be my favourite treatment now, and the mix of oils not only smell gorgeous, but make me feel good for a few days afterwards. Barbara is very passionate and knowledgeable about holistic therapies and treatments, has a very calming and friendly way with her, and is always able to answer any questions, even looking the information up and e-mailing me later, with more details. She has even shown me reflexology points to use, so I can help myself in her absence, with my back pain, stress and getting to sleep, which certainly helps.

I always look forward to seeing Barbara, and can honestly say, I always feel so much better walking out, than I did when I walked in!! Freda P


I have been treated by Barbara with reflexology and would highly recommend her as a practitioner. She was welcoming and professional and had a lovely touch. After each session I felt incredibly relaxed and felt these benefits over a few days following the treatment. Her approach to the condition I presented was thorough both during the session and between sessions when she undertook research and passed on very interesting and relevant information. I can’t wait to do a course of facial rejuvenation with Barbara! Tatiana Spencer

Following and during the reflexology sessions we both felt much more relaxed overall and my wife’s sinus complaint was greatly relieved. Maureen and Alan Peterkin

My husband and I found that the treatment was very informal, calm and relaxing. I suffer with insomnia and found that after a session with Barbara there was a definite change in my sleep pattern. My husband also had some results with his aches and pains in his legs. The treatment was explained very thoroughly before and during the session. Peggy and Terry Dillon

Maternity Reflexology:

I had weekly reflexology sessions with Barbara from week 20 of my pregnancy and it was the best gift I could have given to myself. Not only did the treatments significantly reduce my symptoms of insomnia, general anxiety and back pain, they also gave me a sense of calm and relaxation that was invaluable to a first time mum-to-be ! I am pleased to say that my daughter arrived 5 days early after a quick and natural birth and I am sure these sessions had a big part to play in this. I would highly recommend Barbara for reflexology, I really enjoyed my sessions with her and I will definately go back for more sessions in the future. G. Birch.

I had a number of reflexology sessions with Barbara during the final two months (32 – 42 weeks) of my pregnancy. I’m quite a stress-y person, and had heard that the calmer you are the better it is for childbirth, so it seemed like a perfect fit. Even though I didn’t have a natural birth in the end there’s no doubt that my reflexology sessions helped me cope with the stress of being in hospital and dealing with a particularly infuriating consultant! Our sessions were one of my few pleasures during the final weeks of pregnancy: if I have a regret, it’s that I didn’t start earlier. Neela Lamb

I initially booked a course of reflexology sessions towards the end of my pregnancy to help with relaxation; I was also suffering with constipation which had disappeared after one session with Barbara. After I had my baby I continued with the treatments and on my last session I went in with a headache that I’d had for days and came out completely pain free! Highly recommend. I am now returning for an Indian head massage and plan to buy treatments for my mum for her birthday. Louise Parker

Baby Reflexology:

My baby had reflux and colic. He responded well to Barbara’s reflexology therapy. He always relaxed and smiled, and was obviously finding it very enjoyable. Barbara was really calming. The reflexology helped with his wind, and also one of the positive benefits for me was that he slept very well after a therapy! At about the age of 7 months following a combination of various therapies and his own physical development, his reflux cleared up and we haven’t looked back since. I felt that the reflexology helped his recovery from this difficult condition. Jane Toussaint

Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenation:

I started seeing Barbara for reflexology because of ongoing stomach problems. The reflexology had a significant and immediate impact, and helped to get the problem under control. It also had the added benefit of improving my sleep, reducing my stress levels and helping with general wellbeing. On top of that, it’s the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had, which is saying a lot! As I’ve continued to see Barbara I’ve also had facial rejuvenation to help with TMJ. This really helped relax my jaw, and again had an added benefit – of making my face look fresher and brighter. On top of the brilliant treatments, Barbara has a wonderful calm nature and a lovely treatment room. She’s a joy to visit! K McDonald

I had reflexology treatment with Barbara for general well-being and was impressed how the treatment helped to alleviate mood swings I was experiencing at the time. I later had facial rejuvenation massage in preparation for my 50th birthday. Lines and wrinkles were so much less noticeable that even my children commented on my youthful looks. Needless to say that it’s a treat to be pampered in the serene ambience of Barbara’s beautiful treatment room. IG-W

My reflexology treatments with Barbara are very comfortable and relaxing. The treatments help reduce pain and tension in my legs and give me a greater feeling of well-being. I look forward to my reflexology sessions as I find them very beneficial and would highly recommend them. I also had two blocks of facial rejuvenation treatments with Barbara and found them very relaxing and effective. My face looked fresher, glowing, toned and the expression lines were definitely smoother. I find facial rejuvenation superior to any other facials and would highly recommend it. Snow Buchan

Holistic Massage:

Having 3 young boys I was suffering from the effects of a busy and sometimes stressful life. I decided to see Barbara for a holistic full body massage and found that the effects were almost immediate. The pains in my lower back were relieved, my body felt better then it had in years and after a few sessions my sleep pattern improved. Barbara’s therapy room is quiet and relaxing and she is very thorough in her pre-treatment consultation resulting in a very personal taylor-made therapy. I would very happily recommend Barbara to anyone and I will definitely be back for more treatments. Caroline Codrington

Indian Head Massage:

Relaxing, balanced and powerful healing treatment for shoulder, neck and head. Lucinda Davis

Indian Head Massage and Facial Rejuvenation:

I have been receiving treatments from Barbara for over a year now and it has now become an essential part of my life. I see Barbara once a fortnight alternating between facial rejuvenation and indian head massage. Barbara is very professional but at the same time makes you feel very relaxed and is extremely welcoming. The benefits of the treatments lasts for a few days. I sleep much better and my skin glows and the quality of my hair has improved too. I no longer experience headaches which I attributed to the stressful life I lead. I am a busy mum, partner and full time childminder. I firmly believe that this is due to my regular treatments with barbara. I can highly recommend Barbara for any treatment that she offers and I will be a regular client of hers for many years to come. Pauline Keegan

Facial Rejuvenation:

Living a stressful life and getting to middle-age does take its toll on your facial appearance. I don’t believe in going under the knife and the facial rejuvenation massage I’ve received from Barbara proves you don’t have to. My sagging facial muscles have been stimulated back into life and the lines that were beginning to worry me are hardly noticeable. On top of all that it really is the most relaxing treatment I’ve had in a long time – and a great way to get some much needed ‘me’ time. Philippa Cowley-Thwaites

I am in my early forties, with good skin, rarely wearing make up. Because of this I didn’t expect to see any major change after a course of facial rejuvenation. I was pleasantly surprised that the facial rejuvenation not only left my skin feeling noticeably softer but also ‘disappeared’ the puffiness under my eyes. For the last reason alone, I shall be returning. Penny Ruddell