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Welcome to Harmony Head to Toe. My name is Barbara Ormston, and I am an holistic therapist specialising in reflexology, massage therapies and aromatherapy.
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I am in my early forties, with good skin, rarely wearing make up. Because of this I didn’t expect to see any major change after a course of facial rejuvenation. I was pleasantly surprised that the facial rejuvenation not only left my skin feeling noticeably softer but also ‘disappeared’ the puffiness under my eyes. For the last reason alone, I shall be returning.

Penny Ruddell

Facial Rejuvenation

Relaxing, balanced and powerful healing treatment for shoulder, neck and head.

Lucinda Davis

Indian Head Massage

Following and during the reflexology sessions we both felt much more relaxed overall and my wife’s sinus complaint was greatly relieved.

Maureen and Alan Peterkin